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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Coming to Netflix Near You Soon!

The Umbrella Academy received many praises and accolades when it first aired on Netflix about a month ago. The live action series based on the comic book series of the [ … ]

The PKG Watches: The  Umbrella Academy - Superheroes Have Feelings Too
We Bare Bears Might Be Bearing Down To Malaysia!
Red Isn’t A Bad Thing for Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego Series

We take a deep dive into Netflix’s new Carmen Sandiego animated series. How does the new entry into the Carmen Sandiego franchise fair? Is it worth your time? Read on and find out.

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The Charmed Reboot: Not so Charmed After All
Scare Yourself Silly with Netflix This October!

Some people need a simple RomCom to get them back to 100% while others need an adrenaline pumping action flick; there are others who are looking for adrenaline but not [ … ]

Warner TV Escape Room Returns for A Second Year
OMG! So Many <i>Pantangs</i>! How To Do this!?
Altered Carbon… Did you start your binge yet?

Netflix latest foray into the sci-fi space has landed… a week ago. What? WHAT DID YOU SAY? YOU DIDN’T KNOW?! O-M-G! Well, you better get on Netflix and look for [ … ]

Maxx ‘N Go Goes On Shopee – Car Care Has Never Been Easier

Shopee has been a large driving force in the eCommerce scene in Malaysia. In fact it is one of the most popular if not the most popular eCommerce platform in [ … ]

BokBokBok-Buster deals that dont break the bank
IKEA Opens the Door in The North
We Bare Bears Might Be Bearing Down To Malaysia!

We Bare Bears are going on their first Asian tour. They are considering to drop by Malaysia to give some hugs but they need you, their fans to help them get here by voting for Malaysia as their next destination.

Insta-Story Your Favourite Netflix Titles!
Warner TV Escape Room Returns for A Second Year
Mercedes-Benz Launches The New Pinnacle of Luxury – The All-New S-Class

The Mercedes-Benz name should not be new to anyone. Even if you don’t know your cars you would know the brand. Yes, it’s that brand your very successful (according to [ … ]

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Get Your Home Insta-Ready This Hari Raya
Lip Sync Live on Facebook – Have Your Very Own Lip Sync Battle

Facebook adds another to their Live feature. You can now sing your heart out live with Lip Sync Live! The function is the fruit of the multiple partnerships Facebook made with several music labels in the past. More music features to come.

There is Always Time to Play - IKEA
Driving Costs Less Than Char Kuey Tiow - SOCAR Driving Week
Deadpool Heads to Your Homes

All you Deadpool fans; your prayers to have Deadpool at home has been answered. I don’t know which one of you twisted fans prayed for a piece of Deadpool to [ … ]

Peugeot 5008 - French Luxury for the Family
Maxis Users Get 20% off for AirAsia Bookings