Free Fire Battlegrounds is PUBG for Mobile from Garena

You! Yeah you! I’m pretty sure you’re a fan of Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds a.k.a. PUBG. Wait… you mean you haven’t played it? What?! Why?! ARE YOU CRAZY!? It’s the best game of the season!

Well, you don’t have to look for a top of the line gaming rig to get your fix of PUBG style battle royal anymore. Garena has recently announced the launch of a new mobile title, “Free Fire – Battlegrounds”. The game joins Garena’s impressive arsenal of games which include Arena of Valor, League of Legends and FIFA 3 Online.

In Free Fire: Battlegrounds, you’re going to be parachuting on to a remote island with 49 other players to battle for survival. You’ll be scavanging for ammo, items and weapons which will appear in random places in the game. You only have one goal: be the last one standing.

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Like its PC brethren, Free Fire has no fixed “play”. You’ll be able to use anyway you see fit to survive. You can be a stealthy assassin, sniping your opponents from afar, or take them head on with high impact weapons. Better yet, team up with your friends and take on opposing groups to battle for supremacy.

The game features fast paced game play, on screen controls and graphics that are optimised for most mobile devices. The game was stealthily launched on the 4th of December 2017 and has grown to become the number 1 game in 23 countries around the world. It’s also within the top 5 games in 50 more countries.

The game is officially available on both iOS and Android for free. You can click on the download buttons below to download it for yourself.

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