Samsung Zooms In on Selfies with the New Galaxy A8 & A8+

The selfie phenomenon is not going anywhere anytime soon. If anything, it seems to be taking centre stage when it comes to devices. It’s none more apparent than with Samsung’s introduction of their new Galaxy A8. The smartphone takes the dual camera function and places it where it matters, facing you! With yourself front and centre, you know your pictures are going to be that much better!

One of the journalists, Jason Goh of smashpop, taking on the selfie challenge at the launch of the Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8+.

Now, about the selfie cameras. Samsung has chosen to pair a 16-megapixel and 8-megapixel sensor to give you the “Live Focus” effect. This is what other manufacturers call “bokeh” or “depth of field” where the background is blurred. What’s better? The f/1.9 aperture of the sensors which allow more light into the sensors. In a relatively dark space? No problem!  The wide aperture will allow more light in, brightening up the final picture. But we don’t just take selfies when it comes to the front-facing camera, we sometimes need to take vlogs or even videos of ourselves. The Samsung A8 and A8+ come with what Samsung calls “Video Digital Image Stabilisation” (vDIS). This feature eliminates any shaky video that you may take.

Oh, before I forget. You’ll also be able to take selfies underwater with the Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8+. The smartphone is water and dust resistant with official IP68 certification. But remember, it’s not rated for sea water.

Yoonsoo Kim, President, Samsung Malaysia Electronics, takes a selfie with the Malaysian Synchronized Swimming Team with the Galaxy A8

Inside the Samsung Galaxy A8 & A8+

Battery life on this Galaxy A8 and A8+ shouldn’t be a problem. The A8 comes with 3,000mAh while the A8+ comes with a larger 3,500mAh battery. Quick Charge also allows you to top off your battery quickly if you need to in a hurry.

Aside from that, the Galaxy A8 and A8+ come with the insides a smartphone from Samsung is expected to. The twins come with an octa-core processor and large amounts of RAM and internal storage. They also come with a microSD card slot which allows you to add even more space for the selfies and videos. However, just like how twins have small differences, the A8 and A8+ have minor differences starting with the screen size. The A8 comes with a 5.7-inch display while the A8+ comes with a larger 6.0-inch display. Both have the same type of display. The A8+ also comes with a larger battery at 3,500mAh and slightly more RAM at 6GB. The A8 has a smaller 3,000mAh battery and less RAM at 4GB.

That said, these devices look really promising when it comes to their performance. The Galaxy A8 retails for RM1,799 (USD$456.15) while its larger twin, the A8+  retails for RM2,499 (USD$633.64). The phones are already available on the market.

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