You Don’t Have to Own a Mini to Drive one with SOCAR

“Like OMG! It’s so difficult getting from the LRT or MRT to the place I wanna go?”

“I need to drive all the way there and I need to find parking?!”

These phrases are undoubtedly common among friends who meet a lot.  I mean, it can be so irritating trying to get to and from places with traffic jams and a gap wide enough for Godzilla to fall into in our public transport system. But you don’t have to fret anymore with this new app called SOCAR.

SOCAR is an app which comes to us from the land of Song Hye-Kyo and Gong Yoo. The app makes it possible for you to take the MRT or LRT and comfortably drive in style to your destination or home with groceries or maybe even with that 700 bags of shopping you just did (yes, SOCAR does have cars that big in their fleet).

The app allows you to book and use cars from their fleet including a Honda HRV and a Mini Cooper. Yes, you read that right! A Mini freaking Cooper! All you have to do is register on the SOCAR app and your set to start driving. That said, nothing is free. The cars are available at hourly and daily rates which vary according to the make of the car. SOCAR currently has the Perodua AXIA, Honda City, Honda HRV and the Mini Cooper in their fleet. You can refer to the tables below for their launch pricing.


Perodua AXIA 4.00 8.00 80.00
Honda City 4.45 9.90 99.00
Honda HR-V 9.45 18.90 189.00
Mini Cooper 12.50 25.00 250.00


Perodua AXIA 5.50 11.00 110.00
Honda City 7.95 15.90 159.00
Honda HR-V 12.50 25.00 250.00
Mini Cooper 15.00 30.00 300.00

Keep in mind that these are their launch prices and are subject to change later on. Another thing to take note of is the prices are subject to 6% GST.

SOCAR also offers a Stress Free Pass Coupon which allows you to book a car from 7pm to 8am from Monday to Thursday for a special rate. This special coupon is only applicable to the Perodua AXIA, Honda City, and Honda HR-V. You’ll only have to pay RM28.00, RM37.00 and RM69 respectively. And… no there’s no rate for the bootiful Mini Cooper as of yet.  But never say never.

Hassle Free Car Sharing

SOCAR not only allows you to drive one of its 240 cars for an affordable rate, the app is a no-fuss, hassle free experience. With over 100 designated pick-up spots across Kuala Lumpur, you’ll be able to get a car even in jammed areas like KLCC, Bangsar or even Damansara (for now). They’ll be increasing the availability of the service in the near future. You only have to book the car 10 minutes beforehand or you can get door to door (D2D) service  which only costs RM5.00.

You also don’t have to worry about petrol when it comes to booking a SOCAR. You’ll have access to 300km worth of petrol a day or 30km per hour which is paid for by SOCAR.  Users will have to ensure that you fill up at least half a tank of petrol or face an RM200.00 fine.  But, then again, petrol is already paid for, the least you can do is fill it up.

On top of providing petrol for the car, all the cars in the SOCAR fleet are insured with full, comprehensive personal insurance. They also offer live customer care assistance in the app through their ‘Live Hotline’ function.

Car Sharing may seem like a daunting concept, especially here in Malaysia, but SOCAR Chief Executive Officer, Leon Foong, is prepared to challenge that preconceived notion. He assures us that the community that uses SOCARs will be one who will willingly share the responsibility of caring and using the cars. In fact, he pointed out that it has already happened during their soft launch period.

What are you waiting for? Download the app now! It’s available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App-store.

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