Do What You Can’t with Samsung and Julian Yee

Samsung, in collaboration with Julian Yee, in conjunction of the Pyong Chang Winter Olympics 2018 has made a short film; “Julian and His Magical Skates”. And, what a film.

The film is done in an animated style. Beautifully drawn on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 the animations brought to life the emotions and the hardships that Julian Yee, national figure skater had to go through to get to where he is now.

The film depicts, in summary,  the challenges that he had to face as a passionate figure skater since childhood. It wasn’t all sad stories though. The film also highlights some of the best moments for Julian in his pursuit of perfection. “Julian and His Magical Skates” depicts his skates as a magical being that helped him through his lowest points. It ends as Julian’s journey to Pyong Chang 2018 begins.

samsung julian yee
Julian Yee Talks about his experiences in qualifying for the Winter Olympics and his journey getting there during Samsung’s launch of “Julian and his Magical Skates”

Believe it or not, Julian’s animated story is drawn and produced completely on the Galaxy Note 8. This is a testament to the power of the S Pen. But beyond that it is a testament to the power that is within the original phablet.

The short film will be available soon on Samsung Malaysia’s YouTube channel. If you are wondering how the film is produced on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 you can look out for the behind the scenes video that will come after the feature short film on Samsung’s own channel. Of course, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that helps you “Do What You Can’t” is available from Samsung’s authorised dealers across the nation at MYR3,999.

You’ll be able to watch special behind the scenes featurette as well as the full feature at http://www.samsung.com/my/magicalskates/.

Source: Samsung

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