Altered Carbon… Did you start your binge yet?

Netflix latest foray into the sci-fi space has landed… a week ago. What? WHAT DID YOU SAY? YOU DIDN’T KNOW?! O-M-G! Well, you better get on Netflix and look for Altered Carbon. It’s one of the latest Netflix originals to hit the platform and explores a distant future where people have discovered how to transfer their consciousness from one body to another. So what could possibly go wrong in world where no one really dies?

Well, try being able to determine who lives and dies by selling the technology to do the transfer to the highest bidder. Yep. We’re talking a world where the rich get to live forever. Well, in the case of Altered Carbon, the richest man on earth comes back from the dead to investigate his own murder. To achieve his goals, he brings some one from the past to help him investigate. The series is based onĀ  the best-selling novel by Richard K. Morgan; and is part of a larger series that takes place in the same universe. You can check out the trailer below.

It’s been a week, so if you’re not on the Altered Carbon binge train, you’re not being a real Malaysian. Well, at least not a very good one according to the Netflix’s latest statistics. The service revealed that Malaysians take a mere 5 days to start their binge compared to the 12 days that everyone else takes around the world. It’s either we’re too free or we are just THAT good at doing the “Netflix and Chill”.

Remember when you had to wait a year or so before the cool new show to get to Malaysian shores and then had to wait painfully for the weekly episode release? Well, you don’t have to when it comes to Altered Carbon all 10 episodes of its first season are already on Netflix and waiting for you to get on that binge train!


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