OPPO F5 – Whoa, Blue is the Colour of Your Energy

Blue is not the first colour you come to think of when it comes to the Valentine’s celebrations. In fact the colours usually associated with the celebration of love are shades of Red or Pink. But those colours are so overrated. Red is over utilised; you see it during Chinese New Year, its one of the more popular colours when it comes to sports cars, and when it comes to gaming stuff. Heck it is one of the most used colours when you want something to pop or stand out. During valentines, you see it everywhere – red roses, red boxes of chocolates, red gift boxes, red balloons, red dresses, red everything.

So why not go with a different colour pallet? Why not go with a colour that has been the chosen flagship colour for the past year and this year? Why not go with Blue and be lost in the dashing colour of the skies and sea? Welcome to OPPO’s new Blue.

They call it the Dashing Blue, very reminiscent of the Blue smartphones you saw last year. Now you should know that Blue was apparently the chosen colour for 2017, that means plenty of people got into that blue train. Smartphone manufacturers took it to the next level by introducing their own version of blue coloured phones. This year OPPO chose to go on the blue boat when everyone has released their blue phones.

Not only that, after doing a little bit of research (thanks to our friends in OPPO in clarifying this) Blue is the colour of loyalty. Now it is starting to make more sense. The blue that OPPO uses here is a very close resemblance to the blue colour of the U.S. Navy. It is no coincidence that the military arm mentioned chose blue as their uniform’s main colour; they are all about loyalty and they are the very definition of loyalty – to country, to brothers, to family. When it comes to the Valentine’s celebrations, it’s not only about the colour red that represents love and affection. This Valentine’s can be about loyalty with blue colour.

The result is the OPPO F5 Dashing Blue edition. A brilliant, shiny blue backed selfie expert. It is OPPO’s current cream of the crop; their sort of champion in the smartphone industry. It features 20-megapixel camera at the front for super clear and crisp selfies. On top of the megapixel OPPO also fits it with their Artificial Intelligence (AI) beauty recognition technology to make you look the best you can be in every selfie.

Of course OPPO hasn’t forgotten that important main cameras out the back. That fires 16-megapixels that is displayed on the Full HD+ 2,160 by 1,080 pixels super wide screen. Every shot taken on either the cameras is guaranteed to look good on that display.

The stuff is loaded with an octa-core processor for super speedy response and smooth operation. Alongside that eight cores you get 6GB in RAM and 64GB in storage space. The official price of the Dashing Blue version of the OPPO F5 hasn’t been revealed yet but pre-order starts on the 5th of February, 2018 until the 10th of February, 2018. Availability is not yet confirmed too but since they launched in for the Valentine’s celebration we think that it would be shipped before then. If not, we’d hate to tell our Valentine’s dates that their present hasn’t arrived.


Source: OPPO

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