The All New Kia Picanto: Top Notch Travelling


Naza Kia Malaysia launched their all new Kia Picanto for the year 2018 last month, and it is stunning. This is the third generation of the little Korean A-Segment car so there are some interesting futuristic design elements there and here. The result? A pretty and cute looking little hatchback that looks like its ready to take on the city and beyond.

The Kia branding has recently been recognised as one of those manufacturers that gives you extra value on top of the car itself. Of course it is nothing new in the Kia Picanto, you still get a lot of toy for your money. It comes complete with keyless entry, rear view camera, and auto-adjusting headlights.

Inside you get six airbags to keep you safe and protected (not like we suggest that you crash this car, but when you do; there are six air cushions to make sure you can walk out of the car). This car is also made for people like us (millennial). Why, you ask?

Get into the car and a 7.0-inch touchscreen greets you with glee. It comes equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with voice recognition as standard. That said, this is actually the first official Android Auto vehicle in Malaysia.

What is Android Auto? Have you been living under a rock? It is one of the most advanced in car entertainment system available to mankind (I may be exaggerating here). Like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto connects your Android smartphone to your car to make it smarter (not really). You can play and control whatever music you have on your phone to your heart’s content with Android Auto. You can make calls and send messages on the touchscreen panel on the car. You can also now just rely on your phone to navigate to wherever you want to go without buying a separate car mount; just look at the 7-inch display!

The boot is now even bigger than before. It now can fit up to 1,010 liters of cargo space with the back seats folded down. In that configuration you can fit several more than your mum’s shopping in the car. You can even fit a golf bag in there (given the size of the car, you might even be able to use it as a golf buggy; might as well).

In terms of looks; oh my it looks so cute. The Yellow colour variant of the little A-Segment car looks very much like Pikachu. The Orange makes it look a little raunchier than the older car. Lime Green makes it the envy of other A-Segment cars out there. Then there is the standard Black which is, well, black.

Inside you get, for the first time ever in Malaysia a 7.0-inch touchscreen integrated with, wait for it Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Apple CarPlay may have made it into the market with some continental manufacturers but they priced at a premium. Android Auto on the other hand has not made it into Malaysia until now. What is more the infotainment system comes built in with a mic for voice recognition features. So now you only need to get home by “Ok Google, get me home”.

Of course it is not completely wireless. You still get the usual AUX port, and a few USB ports to charge your device. The infotainment unit also comes with a remote control in case your hands are too short or too fatigued to be lifted to touch the display.

With the Kia Picanto you are protected with not only 6 airbags, but a body shell that is 12% stronger than the previous generation Picanto. That, while managing to keep its weight 23kg lighter than the previous generation as well. The new materials also managed to increase torsional rigidity by 32% to make it feels even safer on the road.

The All-New Kia Picanto is available across Malaysia with five different colour options – Pop Orange, Lime Light, Honey Bee, Clear White, and Titanium Silver. There is also a ‘NOVUS’ accessory bundle that comes with the new car. The All-New Kia Picanto starts at MYR49,888. Adding the NOVUS X or NOVUS S accesories packaged will add MYR5,618 (incl. GST) and MYR3,498 (incl. GST) respectively. For more information you can visit Kia’s website here, or check out any of Kia’s authorised showrooms nationwide.


Source: Kia Malaysia

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