Lamborghini Launches the New Urus Super SUV


Today is an important day for Malaysia, for Lamborghini has graced the market with they brand new, super fast, super luxurious barge of a car – the Urus. They say, it is the first every Super SUV that graced the SUV market. They claim it to be the fastest of them all too. The Italian outfit is obviously proud of their concoction. Welcome to the Lamborghini Urus Super Sport Utility Vehicle.

To get an understanding to what a Super SUV means, you have to first understand what an SUV is. An SUV has been looked at, in the modern day as the soccer mum car. It is usually big, and quite obnoxious at most times. You sit in a very tall vehicle that is usually heavier than a boat and handles like one too.

But it is big, meaning you can fit all sorts of stuff in the car and still fit yourself and your friend for a trip to Cameron Highlands and back without kicking up a fuss. You can even come back with more stuff than when you left. The SUV is meant to be a carrier of plenty of stuff, sports stuff actually.

Despite its ‘Sport’ moniker though it does not drive like a sports car, or as fast as one, or handles like one. It is usually big, heavy, slow, and wallows around like Titanic avoiding the iceberg. Not this one though, according to Lamborghini; this is a Super SUV.

The Urus then, what makes it so Super. Let’s look at the numbers first. 0-100km/h in 3.6 seconds – faster than any petrol powered SUV in the current market. It accelerates even faster than your dad’s 10 year old classic Ferrari. Top Speed? 305km/h – even faster than you can ever imagine in a road barge (we imagine it will be quite scary too). It even brakes super fast too. 100-0km/h in 33.7m; you read that right, meters. Super? Yes, definitely. It even has four wheel steering to make it more maneuverable in tight parking spots and turn into lanes easier on speed runs.

Under the bonnet is the heart of a beast. It is a twin-turbocharged, 4.0 Liter 8-cylinders arranged in a V form engine. That produces 650HP with 850Nm of torque. Over the top? Not really; its big and heavy, at 2,200kg it needs the grunt. The brakes are the size of a Perodua Myvi’s wheels. Too big? Nope, its the size and weight of a house, it needs the big brakes to stop.

That interior is typical Lamborghini; luxurious and is covered with scrumptious leather. Not much carbon fiber in this car; which is very untypical of Lamborghini actually but it is an SUV. It is an exclusive 4-seater instead of the usual 5-seater configuration – the price of luxury. We assume the passenger at the back will be sitting in with a glass of champagne in one hand and a bottle of wine kept in the middle compartment – an aristocrat preferably.

Then there is the package, the wrapper, the body, the shell. It has those recognisable Lamborghini lines. It has that good, charming look that stands out among other SUVs. It definitely has the power to match. The wheels are bigger than me curled up in a ball. We have not heard its noise just yet, so no comments on that (it is a 4.0L V8 though so it might sound more tame than the usual screaming V10s and V12s Lamborghini is used to). It looks sensible, and sellable, more matured than ever; and that, to me is a problem (more about this if we ever get to review the Lamborghini Urus).

The Lamborghini Urus is available for viewing and purchase at any of the Lamborghini showrooms across Malaysia (rare, but there is one in Glenmarie). How much will it be? From what we hear, just under a cool million in Ringgit Malaysia. But hey, it is a Lamborghini; did you expect anything less?


Source: Lamborghini Malaysia

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