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Deadpool Heads to Your Homes

Source: Numskull

All you Deadpool fans; your prayers to have Deadpool at home has been answered. I don’t know which one of you twisted fans prayed for a piece of Deadpool to be in your home, but I thank heavens that it’s not going to wreck your homes or leave dead bodies all over the place. It is Marvel’s official Deadpool headstand.

If you are not familiar with Deadpool, he is touted in the Marvel Comic Universe as the “Mercenary with a Mouth” for obvious reasons. Like we mentioned, the character is an anti-hero that cannot be taken too seriously. The character has a loose sense of humour that can be quite offensive at times, but hey that the character that is Deadpool. He is also known to break the Fourth Wall quite a bit. The red anti-hero’s first introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe came in 2016 with “Deadpool”. That movie shows Deadpool’s origins and emphasises on his runny mouth character that never takes things too seriously.

The Deadpool 2 movie is set to hit the big screens next week. In tandem to that Marvel is also releasing their official Deadpool headstand. The headstand is in the actual shape and size of our favourite anti-hero. The headstand is designed to fit various headphones, your caps, or even a VR headset (your PS VR headset has a home now).

This is an actual licensed Marvel product so it’s not like you are getting some sub-par aftermarket product. Of course, Marvel endorsed products will come with a certain quality standard as well so it will last you a long time. It also comes with a weighted metal base as expected from any sort of headstands designed for headphones and what not.

The movie’s released worldwide on the 9th of May, 2018; which is actually in the coming week. The Marvel Deadpool Headstand is also releasing on the same date. You can now pre-order the headstand on Amazon and Numskull’s own site, here. Of course, shipping costs vary from region to region. Aside from the shipping, the actual product sets you back UKĀ£39.99 (MYR214.65). What are you waiting for? The Merc with a Mouth does not wait for anyone!


Source: Numskull, techENT

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