Mercedes-Benz EQ Concept Comes to Malaysia!

Mercedes-Benz; a name associated with the ultimate luxury and success (in Malaysia at least). It is the ultimate show of status and power. It is also one of the most successful automotive brands in the world since its inception in 1926. Then comes 2018, another 8 years to the brand hitting 100 years and their next evolution comes at Geneva Motorshow 2018.

The Geneva Motorshow is the largest, and most prestigious exhibition when it comes to the automotive industry. Over the years the motorshow has seen countless innovations and revolutions in the automotive industry. From concept cars to major unveilings, Geneva has seen it all. This year Geneva sees Mercedes-Benz’s future in the automotive industry; electricity powered vehicle – the EQ concept.

The EQ Concept, or at least the idea of it, isn’t technically new. It is a full time electric vehicle that does not rely on any of the traditional fuels. It is completely powered by a battery that is placed underneath the floor. That large pack of battery then powers two electric motors that is placed up front and out to the back of the vehicle. Yes, that means it is an all-wheel drive family SUV that can comfortably sit four.

The interior is lined futuristic material that we have never even heard of (well, technically they didn’t mention the materials). There is even a large display that stretches from the driver panel to the center console which also means the driver essential telemetry and entertainment system is stuck together. It looks really cool, but probably impractical. There is a swath of touch panels and glass that makes the interior look super classy. We do have to keep in mind that that sort of interior will not make the market though.

Then there is the striking looking exterior with the Mercedes Emblem behind a plexiglass panel. That glowing emblem is surrounded by the modern Merc design grille that are strips of LED light behind the same stretch of panel. The aluminium body with Mercedes-Benz’s signature silver is sculpted so well the car looks muscular without trying too hard. The LED headlamps too blends into the shape like it belongs there. The muscular line continues to the back where there is a stretch of LED brakelamps to warn drivers from behind you that you are recharging the batteries. It is good looking. Even the wheels look like it is from the future.

Despite all that, we can only admire it. It is a concept car after all. We can only hope that some of its features make it to the current and future lines of vehicles that Mercedes-Benz makes. Other than that we can’t even tell. Obviously the electric motors technology that made it in the EQ Concept will soon be seen in future lines of Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles. For now, what is ever wrong with dreaming a piece of the future?



Source: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

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