Driving Costs Less Than Char Kuey Tiow – SOCAR Driving Week

We love Malaysia, we love Kuala Lumpur. The city never sleeps, there is always something to do around the clock. There is also always food anywhere, anytime (little wonder why we are the chubbiest South East Asian country). But getting around in Kuala Lumpur (KL) is like public enemy number one for Malaysians, especially when you do not own a car.

You know what they say; “take Grab or Uber lo” when you tell them that you do not have a car to get yourself to their part of town, or office, or mall. Since the dawn of ride-hailing, plenty of rage due to transportation issues has been averted. But ride-hailing is not feasible when it comes to tackling a few locations within an hour or two. SOCAR is the solution.

Since SOCAR’s launching in January they have expanded their fleet size from 240 cars in Klang Valley to 300 vehicles strong. They started out with only a Perodua Axia, Honda City, Honda HR-V and Mini Cooper in the beginning. Very recently they have added Perodua Myvi and Alza to their fleet. They have also added a Toyota Vios and a Corolla-Altis. Now also they have a Volkswagen Polo to rent. From the sounds of it they might get a BMW in their fleet also.

In conjunction of SOCAR Malaysia’s expansion they also announced their driving week promotion. The promotion is only for this week starting today (7th May to 7.00 p.m. 13th May, 2018). Rates? As cheap as Char Kuey Tiow from Penang 10 years ago; MYR3.00/hour. Prices go up to MYR6.00/hour; also about the price of a Char Kuey Tiow in Penang these days. Of course you will still get 30KM of petrol included in the booking per hour (up to 300KM per day).

Vehicle Rates (MYR/hour)
Perodua Axia 3.00
Perodua Myvi 4.00
Perodua Alza 4.00
Honda City 5.00
Honda HR-V 6.00
Toyota Vios 5.00
Volkswagen Polo 4.00

The rates are only for selected cars so do check the availability and the options. Any members will be eligible for the promotion throughout the week. If you haven’t have a membership already do head to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to download the app for free. Signing up is easy as well, you just need your IC, your driving license, and your face (I’m serious).


Source: SOCAR Malaysia

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