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Ah, uni life; how I missed it. It may be one of the most influential times of any persons. It is, in a way the place where you decide where you want to go in life. What you do in those years also roughly determines where you get to in life. But those times can also be some of the most fun times of your life. These days, the university and college years are also the years you get distracted the most with all the things available around them now. But fret not you students, you have Google to save the day.

One issue that university and college students face though, since the beginning of time, is not studying for exams, or finishing assignments, nor even finding parking in time for class. The biggest problem any students face is time management. Our brains can be quite funny so we tend to forget plenty of things from time to time. One thing we should not forget though is our timetable or schedules. Unfortunately it happens and we tend to forget things like class times, assignment submissions, and most importantly exam times. This is where Google Calendar comes in really handy. You can even set Google Calendar to remind you of important dates like exams and even specify the time and reminder. To avoid being late to these things also, there is Google Maps to save the day. The app even helps you avoid traffic and direct you to the best possible route to get to class and exams on time. It might even save your butt when you submit your assignments last-minute. I know I would appreciate it.


What about resources? Those times you need to so research to finish your assignments? Those times you need to do some reading to get some materials for that all-important assignment? Google has a solution for that too. For the most general of things, there is the age-old Google Search. Every one knows that term now; “Google it”. But there are more things on Google that can help you with your assignments. There is Google Scholars to find relevant journals and articles for your final assignment, or at least to make it look more legit. There is even Google Books that would store all your textbooks and other different books you always carry to the campus. Well, you only carry your phone as a result of all that digitized reading materials.

What if you struggle with languages? Obviously in a campus filled with local and international students alike it is going to be a problem. Google Translate is your personal translator with about 100 available languages on tap within the app. You can even translate 32 foreign languages via a photo. If not you can even speak to Google Translate to speak 27 other languages. You are truly international with Google Translate.

One big part of the university and college life is group work. You are required to learn to work together at all times in nearly every unit you take. We know also that working in a group can be a pain. Especially when you have to work on separate files and folders and then putting them together. Google Drive, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and even Keep eliminates that problem. With those apps students can create new documents or slideshows for their presentation in the coming month and watch their team put together a sick slideshow that would blow the lecturers away. All without coming together and working remotely via Google Drive. Not able to get everything the lecturer says? Fret not for Google Keep allows you to share notes with your team members.

Of course you do not go through your university and college life without your friends you find in the campus or while in class. You are bound to go for social activities and the uncountable gatherings in campus. There are going to be photos obviously from the events. Before this, in my time we had to share those photos on Facebook or WhatsApp. Problem with that is the apps will tend to compress the photos and the photos lose plenty of details. Now, Google Photos is the app to go to. With Google Photos you still can share high-resolution photos without losing details. You do not even have to download and keep it in your device when your friends share your photos with you; it is all in the clouds. Feeling creative with the photos? There is Google’s Snapseed to edit all those photos on your smartphone.

For video contents, and out of class entertainment we have YouTube to work with. There are limitless contents out there on the video sharing platform. If you are feeling creative you can even contribute and share your own videos with your friends and the entire university via the platform. You can even fully rely on WiFi to enjoy YouTube with YouTube Go.

That is another thing with student life, data concerns. Usually you have very limited data due to the limited budget you have as a student. That is why you are required to use data wisely. For that you have Datally that would monitor your data usage. It even helps you control data usage in the app itself. If you need to save space in your device, there is Files Go to help you manage and save space on your crammed storage.

To showcase all of these things Google have partnered with Tunku Abdul Rahman Univesity College to bring Google’s next Google Cafe campaign to life. The campaign is called Cool Tools 4 Skool. Pretty clever name in some way. but the best part about the campaign is that the students from TARUC get to experience, first hand Google’s integrated services that would help them in their student lifestyle while keeping up with academics. But that is not all. The program, as explained by TARUC will help students adapt to the ever changing digital world and graduate as a digitally savvy individual. Of course, that is all possible with the help of Google. Of course all the mentioned Google apps are available for free on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store


Source: Google Malaysia

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