Lip Sync Live on Facebook – Have Your Very Own Lip Sync Battle

Well, when I say Lip Sync Battle I am referring to the show. But I am not referring that you be on the show. I am talking about creating your own little live version of it with your friends, with your family, live on Facebook; for everyone of your friends to watch.


If you have not know already, Facebook has been working with some of the largest music labels companies in the world to bring music features to Facebook’s own social media platform. Through those collaborations, Facebook is working towards allowing people, like you and me to use music that comes from these big labels like Universal Studios freely to express ourselves; via Facebook of course. Lip Sync Live is the first in many fruits of these partnerships.



So how do you start using Lip Sync Live. Very simple actually. The function is embedded within the Facebook Live feature on Facebook’s mobile app. So all you need to do is launch Facebook Live on the app.


Once on the app you get to start choosing your favourite songs (list is limited currently, more songs to be added; according to Facebook). As you sing your heart out to your friends and family on the Live video feed you can even choose from Facebook Live’s vast mask collection to add a creative flair to the video. You can even change the background to your liking.



As you sing along too your friends, or challengers, or family members who are looking at the video will be able to see the artist and song that you are singing to. With a tap of a button they can access the artist’s page to see their other work and latest update. Of course they can follow your favourite artists as well; now they really are your friend.


The Lip Sync Live function is now Live on Facebook’s mobile app (see what I did there? Oh, nevermind). Battle it out, express yourselves, be the music in your friends’ lives. Whatever it is, do try it out and tell us, in the comments below what you did and how you like the new feature.




Source: Facebook

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