Make Netflix Yours In 5 Ways

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The era of binge-watching series is upon us. Ever since we started hearing about video on demand services such as Netflix, our viewing habits have been changing. Not many of us are willing to wait a week for the latest episodes of our favourite series. In fact, we’d rather all the episodes lined up and ready for our viewing.

It’s not just the willingness to wait for our favourite series, the way in which we consume our series and shows have also changed. We’re no longer tied to satellite TV or public broadcast; instead, we’re watching movies, series, and specials on our phones or tablets on the go. Some of us watch it on our daily commute to and from work, others watch it over a lunch break. A fraction of us lock ourselves up in the house for a weekend to finish every single episode of Narcos or Altered Carbon in one viewing.

But seriously, Netflix puts over a million shows literally at our fingertips. It’s made us spoilt for choice. Now we have the biggest headache of all: choosing what to watch. That said, is this truly a headache? Is there a way we can narrow the list so we don’t have to deal with the whole catalog all the time? The quick answer is yes!

Netflix has a whole load of things working in the background for you when you actually log in. It’s actually listening to your choices and preferences and continually getting to know you better when it comes to your viewing habits. That said, here’s a quick rundown of a few things you can do to get Netflix to do the hard work for you.


1. When you first log in, make Netflix start working by choosing 3 shows (movies, dramas etc) from the millions on the platform. This will help the service gauge your initial likes and dislikes.



2. Watched something and don’t like it? Give it a thumbs down! If you liked it then give it a thumbs up! This helps Netflix gauge your shows and recommend ones you’ll like more accurately. This makes your Netflix profile uniquely yours and no one else’s.



3. Keep track of your shows by adding them to the “My List” feature. Let Netflix start getting to know what shows you want to prioritise. Then, they’ll be surfacing it everytime you log in just so you don’t forget.



4. Watch the previews! Netflix has 30 second trailers which allow you to get the gist of the show. What’s even better, they’ve got it in vertical video for mobile devices. It’s all at you fingertips. See something you like? You can add it directtraly to your “My List”.



5. Sharing an account? Netflix allows you to setup up to 5 different viewing profiles for each account. So, you’ll be able to hoard one profile and make it yours! Even if you’re the only user… it’s yours! All Yours!!!


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