Mercedes-Benz Launches The New Pinnacle of Luxury – The All-New S-Class

The Mercedes-Benz name should not be new to anyone. Even if you don’t know your cars you would know the brand. Yes, it’s that brand your very successful (according to your mum) uncle drives. It’s also that brand that your father says “proves that you have made it”.

While that is not entirely untrue, the brand is way more than that. The brand, to those who knows is an icon in the automotive world. They made their name not just in making dream machines though. They’re race winners, they’re formula 1 heritage, they’re aristocrats, they’re the very definition of German luxury.

All of that can be summed in one very iconic car in their line up though. That particular car, their flagship, and largest sedan in their stables – the iconic S-Class. Today there is a new one, well 3. Or, if you consider the new Maybach as well; 4.

Let’s start with the basics though; the plain Jane S-Class. The icon of Mercedes-Benz, the S450 L is refreshed with a fresh new face that is still unmistakably Mercedes-Benz. But as usual as well the vehicle is still the Pinnacle of not just luxury, it is the Pinnacle of car technology.

The new S-Class is equipped with their brand new 9G-Tronic transmission for example. Instead of the regular 6 or measly 7 gears, you get 9 forward gears now. That is 2 more gears than the Formula 1 cars of today.

The result of the 9-speed gear box of course is the ultimate smoothness in drive. But it also helps you propel towards the 100km/h mark well within 6 seconds anytime, every time from a standstill. To be specific you can get to 100km/h in 5.4 seconds – faster than your father’s Camry.

Why? It has a 367 horsepower 3.0L turbo V6 engine for power. As you know, turbo means it goes faster. But that also means it is still quite fuel efficient at 8.4l/km fuel consumption.

Enter the luxo-barge’s driver’s seat and the ultra-modern multi-function steering wheel greets you with delight. You instrument cluster on the dashboard is now an LCD display showing you your speed and what not. You can even put your navigation on the display in front of you.

That glass panel stretches to the center console where you will also find a 12-inch LCD display with Mercedes’ COMAND Online infotainment system. For you tech savvy people it works with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay out-of-the-box.

You have to keep in mind that the 12.3-inch display is not a touch control display though. You control the COMAND system by a knob and touch pad in the center console near the arm rest. If not, you use your voice with the LINGUATRONIC voice control. Voice commands can also be used to control the air conditioning and interior lighting; talk about effortless luxury.

speaking of interior lighting, there is a new LED ambience lighting with 64 customisable colours. When previously you only get some lighting on the door panels, sills, and footwells; you get a whole lot more interior lighting with the new interior. You can now have lights in your door pockets, central display, some of the trim elemnts, and overheard control panel. Pair that with a sweet Burmester surround sound system; you get a party in the car.

The S-Class 450 L AMG Line is available in Malaysia now. You can check it out at any of Mercedes-Benz showrooms nationwide (depending on availability). If you are interested in getting one you would need to fork out MYR699,888 for it. There is an optional designo paint for the S-Class which will set you back an extra MYR6,000 if you like.

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