Mercedes-Maybach Redefines Ultimate Luxury

If you think S-Class is the ultimate luxury car you should own, maybe you should think again. The most luxurious line of vehicles in Mercedes-Benz’s stable is not entirely a Mercedes-Benz per say. Yes, it does look like an S-Class. That is because it is based on the S-Class. But it is not the S-Class. Welcome to the Mercedes-Maybach; in short we will call it the Maybach.

Before anything, we hear you asking; “what is a Maybach? Can eat one ah?”. It is not a food, nor it is a restaurant. It is, in fact, a Mercedes-Benz sub-brand that creates bespoke luxury cars for the rich and famous.

So, how bespoke is it? Very; is the answer. The only thing you cannot customise to your order is the shell design of the car itself (unless you go to a coach builder and ask them to build you a Maybach from scratch via this shell; which will make it insanely more expensive). Anything else other than the shape of the body and the wheel option are all customizable options. Everything in the car itself can be made to individual order, as long as you have the pocket for it.

Another thing that you have a limited choice of is the engine. But you may just be satisfied with the engine choices you get though. For the Maybach S560 you get a 4.0-litre 8-cylinder twin-turbo V8 engine that makes 469 horsepower; which is a lot more than the Toyota Alphard your really successful uncle drives. Not enough power!? Are you mad!? No matter, you can get a big 12-cylinder engine with the S650; more is better right?

On the shell of the Maybach, there will be 9 different colour combinations to choose from for the two-tone paint finish. If you choose dark colours, you can even go for a double clear coat to make it look extra glossy. Mind you, all these are done by actual hands of masters in Maybach Manufaktur in Germany.

Stance is everything in a car though. So there is a new 20-inch baller multi-spoke rims to give the car that luxury squat. There are three other options to the 20-inch rims too so you can choose whichever that floats your boat.

Inside is a different story entirely. There is more room inside the car than the S-Class thanks to the 5462mm length. That is actually longer than a long-wheelbase S-Class. That extra room for passengers allow for 12-motors in each seat to adjust the tailor-made rear seats to lay nearly flat to ensure that the passenger (you) is in ultimate comfort. The upholstery can also be customised to your liking with three colour and material combinations. To top the interior off you can choose between a copper, gold, or platinum coloured stitching and a range of wooden trim inserts and finish.

The ride quality in a luxury vehicle makes or breaks it though. It has to be as comfortable as a lounge chair in your living room. It has to caress you as if you are sitting on your bed with 15 pillows supporting your bums. It does so with a combination of Mercedes-Benz very own MAGIC BODY CONTROL and ROAD SURFACE SCAN technologies. MAGIC BODY CONTROL technically is another term for active suspensions from Mercedes-Benz. That means that the suspensions are hardened and softened at different conditions. Combined with ROAD SURFACE SCAN technology which uses sensors to sense the road condition ahead, the car knows when it is going to hit a bump and ensures that your car stays flat and comfortable going on top of these potholes – ultimate comfort.

It has to be safe as well; the safest car available to its customers. So beyond all the other safety measures that the Maybach already has; Mercedes-Benz includes their very famous Night View Assist Plus feature to the new Maybach. It is technically just a front mounted infrared camera and a heat sensor combined together to form an image on your dashboard. However those can be lifesavers especially when combined. The technology allows the car to “see” further into the night. Further than what you can see via the regular headlights they say. The thermal imaging camera is then the warning system which warns the driver of incoming live objects on the road and what not. To ensure that your driver is not distracted with that new toy though Mercedes-Benz says that the warning will only pop-up when it senses imminent danger; kind of like your personal hidden bodyguard.


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