Warner TV Escape Room Returns for A Second Year

Warner TV Escape Room Returns for A Second Year

When you think Warner TV, you think of The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and maybe, just maybe The Big Bang Theory. The channel has become the home of some of the most popular and loved TV series. What happens when Warner TV wants to bring their shows to life? Well, they throw their viewers into a room and lock them in.

The Warner TV escape room returns this year with all new rooms to escape. This year, viewer will be able to dive into the worlds of The Big Bang Theory, Lethal Weapon and Gotham! So, what do the rooms have in store for you?

For the Big Bang Theory themed room, Sheldon being Sheldon has misplaced his prized comic books. And being the super geeky nerdy guy he is, he’s in a frantic panic. Since he can’t get his marbles in order, you are going to need to help him track down the comics to make it out of the room.

Ever wanted to be a member of the bomb squad? Then dive into the Warner TV world of the Lethal Weapon themed room is what you are looking for. There’s a bomb in the Central District and you’re the only one standing between it and hundreds of lives. Do you have the wit and smarts to save them? Will you make it out alive? Try to escape the room and let us know!

You’ve been a naughty, naughty human. You tried to help the Joker gas the city of Gotham. The Gotham City Police Department caught you in the act! Guess where you are now? That’s right, you’re behind bars in the GCPD’s jail cells. Can you make it out before they send you off to Arkham?

Warner TV Escape Room Returns for A Second Year

If Escape Rooms aren’t your thing, Warner TV wants to test your wits with a whole bunch of other activities. You’ll be able to prove your worth in the Arrow Archery Arena. Are you going to be part of the Green Arrow’s family or have you failed your city? If you’re not sporty or the salmon ladder is just too much for you, then you’ll be able to take selfies at the Fallen City Photobooth or prove your fandom with the Home of the Superfan Puzzle Challenge.

Don’t forget! All of this is happen from Thursday, October 4, 2018 until Saturday, October 6, 2018 from 10 am to 10 pm in Avenue K in Kuala Lumpur! You don’t have an excuse to miss it! I mean, the KLCC LRT station is just there! Make sure you book a date with Warner TV!

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