Insta-Story Your Favourite Netflix Titles!

Insta-Story Your Favourite Netflix Titles!

Netflix has been the greatest thing that happened to us mortals. Oh yes, we did not forget the term “Netflix and Chill” has become one of the most popular past time for us. Well, of course there are other streaming services like iflix and Prime Video that is available in Malaysia; this is also why I say that Malaysia is very lucky thanks to the amount of streaming services available to us. Not to forget we also get things like Viu, Tonton, Dim Sum, and some others. But still, Netflix is still the best streaming service available to the modern world right now. The amount of shows and movies that you can watch on that platform; oh my goodness, it is like you can never run out of things to watch. You can even share your favourite shows or whatever you are watching on social media if you want.

of course, not all social media platforms get the love. I mean, you can share them on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and even Facebook Messenger. But you cannot do so with Instagram. Why? Beats me.

Not to fret though for the time has come for you to share your favourite shows and rant all about it, or share your love with your friends for the next 24 hours with Instagram Stories. Your friends and followers can then see the show that you posted on Instagram Stories and tell you what great taste you have, or you two can wallow over how much you hate that character in your favourite shows. If your followers have yet to watch that great show yet, there will be an option for them to watch it on Netflix just by clicking on the Instagram Story you posted.

You cannot find that on your Netflix app? What are you talking about? Just pop your iPhone or iPad on, go into the Netflix app, and then click share; the usuals, you know. Oh yes, we forgot to tell you; the feature is only available for iOS Netflix app for now. In time though Android will get the same update. When? We do not have a timeline but we would hope that Android gets it soon because I am an Android user myself; this is annoying me too.

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