Toyota And Its All-New Vios 2019 – Paddle Shifters and More!

Toyota And Its All-New Vios 2019 - Paddle Shifters and More!

So what do you do when you want to replace an already perfect product? To be really honest, we don’t know how to. Take the Toyota Vios for example; it is already the best selling B-segment sedan Toyota has in Malaysia. Of course we know that is thanks in part to the value-for-money offering. Being a Toyota, we know that it will last you decades into the future as well.

The Toyota Vios of old is quite perfect for the Malaysian market especially with the kind of asking price it demands. With the range-topping Vios 1.5 GX you get all the bells and whistles you expect out of a B-segment car and more. You get the full range of exterior cameras, a nicely powerful engine, some nice alloy wheels, and cool looking body kit. That went for about MYR90,980. There is the Sportivo TRD version but that is just some extra bodywork and some stitched interior.

The Toyota Vios also offers one of the best fuel economy in its segment. With its Eco mode and 7-speed with sequential shift mode CVT gearbox, the Vios really comes into its own class when it comes to fuel economy. So, how does Toyota replace an already complete package?

The answer comes in the form of the brand new Toyota Vios for 2019. Oh no, it’s not just a facelift. Sure, it looks slightly prettier with longer eyes (headlights) than the older 2018 one. It looks a little more sleek to somehow despite sharing the same chassis as the old one. Underneath the neat body though is a whole lot of changes that makes this little car an even better buy than before.

For starters, we have to say that the engine and transmission stayed from the previous model. It might sound like Toyota is keeping a very old engine in the car with no innovations but we assure you, the 1.5 Liter powerhouse is more than enough for Malaysian traffic. Really, just take a look at the jam outside your house now; why would you get a big engine with a lot of power when you cannot use it?

It also shares the same chassis platform with the old Vios so not like there is any big changes with the frames and dimensions of the car. It is mostly the same size with the 2018 model with sort of the same glass panels. Even the doors are roughly the same as the old model. There are new panels there and here to make it look completely different and fresh though.

The similarities sort of end there though. The 2019 Toyota Vios 1.5 can be opted with paddle shifters, like the ones you get on a Formula 1 car. While that sounds like nothing new, it is brand new and quite unheard of in the Toyota Vios’ class. You get seven airbags in the car too, quite a few more than the 2018 Vios. The 2019 Vios also gets a new 16-inch alloy wheels to add to that sporty stance. The top-of-the-line Vios 1.5E, which sets you back MYR87,300 will also feature an Optitron meter with Multi Information Display on the dashboard and an infotainment system with USB mirroring; no need to find Android Auto systems when you can use your phone on the center console.

The All-New Toyota Vios 2019 is now available nationwide and you would be glad to hear that it is manufactured locally. So while it packs more toys than the old Vios, it is priced similarly which is a bonus. Oh, and they did something else too. They partnered with two Toyota Gazoo Racing drivers; Shawn Lee and Shukri Yahaya to create a music video filmed purely using the Toyota Vios as their camera platform. That has never been done before too. Do watch the video here! To know more about the Toyota Vios for 2019, check out their website here!

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