Maxx ‘N Go Goes On Shopee – Car Care Has Never Been Easier

Maxx ‘N Go Goes On Shopee - Car Care Has Never Been Easier

Shopee has been a large driving force in the eCommerce scene in Malaysia. In fact it is one of the most popular if not the most popular eCommerce platform in Malaysia. They are also one of the most popular in South East Asia.

There is little wonder as to why Shopee is hitting that top spot faster than any other platforms though. They are hitting all the right strides and they sometimes do offer the cheapest deals on their platforms. When it comes to eCommerce, everything is about price in the end.

Then there is Maxx ‘N Go, a very modern service that caters to a market that is about 100 years old. The automotive industry is that old. Of course, the automotive market evolves all the time. That progress made Maxx ‘N Go.

Maxx ‘N Go is technically an app that you can download on your smartphone. What the app does for you is get an on-demand service to get your car checked out, or getting a regular service for your car at your convenience, wherever you are. No more tiresome wait at the workshop, no more wasting time while your car is getting its oil changed.

So how does this all fit into an eCommerce platform? Easy, you do not need to have two separate apps for your shopping and car care. Maxx ‘N Go, today onward will be available in Shopee bringing the platform one step closer to becoming a true end-to-end one stop eCommerce platform for all your needs.

If you are an avid user of Maxx ‘N Go you would notice that there are products from Maxx ‘N Go that you might now find on the Shopee app despite the collaboration. The whole point of this though is not to sell Maxx ‘N Go products on Shopee though. The collaboration picks up where online shopping ends; delivery. What that means for Shopee users who buys their car care products and accessories in the platform is getting an extra service of getting the accessory on their car, or getting their battery changed for them, or even getting their oil changed as a part of their purchase. Of course delivery fee is applied, it is MYR35 according to Maxx ‘N Go.

So how do you get the complete service of Maxx ‘N Go without having the app? Get on Shopee, search of Maxx ‘N Go and you will find a plethora of products that is supported by Maxx ‘N Go. Buy that product and you get either Maxx ‘N Go or seller contacting you via Shopee or eventually your phone and get them to set an appointment with you to get your car serviced or install the part you purchase within three days after your purchase.

All-in-all, getting the top notch service from Maxx ‘N Go is pretty straight forward. You can even get Maxx ‘N Go to do the 15-point car inspection on the spot if needed. There is a catch however. Maxx ‘N Go is not available nationwide. If you are outside the Klang Valley you might want to check on availability first. If not, get your Maxx ‘N Go service from Shopee from the 3rd to 5th April, 2019 and you get 20% off, on top of whatever discounts on the supporting products and free delivery and installation.

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