The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Coming to Netflix Near You Soon!

The PKG Watches: The  Umbrella Academy - Superheroes Have Feelings Too

The Umbrella Academy received many praises and accolades when it first aired on Netflix about a month ago. The live action series based on the comic book series of the same title dreamed up by Gerard Way has also become one of our favourite shows in the past month. We reviewed it here on The PKG too. We have since received some mixed reviews of the show, but we still like the show very much; except the last episode just gave us some “why?” and “what is the point of this again?” moments. No, we still love the show though.

The cinematic was on point, the story line moves at a good pace, the story captures and grabs your attention. The only other complaint we had was that it did not follow the comic books entirely, which was not really an issue too considering the great story telling aspect of the show. Above all that though, is a story that is easily relatable to anyone; not the typical superhero show.

 Source: Netflix

So we can safely consider ourselves fan of the series by now. Despite the weak ending or last episode we are still quite curious about the sequel of the show. So when we finished watching it, we were scouring high and low for information regarding the next installment of the show, the second season of the series. To our dismay, at the time anyway, our search was for nothing.

Imagine our delight then when Netflix came to tell us that The Umbrella Academy is renewed on Netflix for season 2. This is great news to us too. We finally can find out what happens to Ellen Paige, whether or not she survived and whether or not they managed to fix her before she becomes The White Violin and destroys the world. What of Number 5? Did his plans work? Did he really pull all of them into a different timeline? Or did he successfully time travel to the past to fix what has been wronged? We are rearing to find out too in season 2.

When is this going to happen? Filming has not started just yet, they quoted a summer filming schedule at this time with no confirmation on when the episode will air. We are guessing that the Academy will make a return to Netflix next year at about the same time as the first season though. Do not take our word for it just yet though, watch this space for more updates on The Umbrella Academy exclusively on Netflix. Meanwhile, catch the first season of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix now.

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