Death Stranding Starring Norman Reedus Pre-Order Starts Now!

Death Stranding Starring Norman Reedus Pre-Order Starts Now!

Any Hideo Kojima fans here? You know, the guy that made Metal Gear Solid? Of course you do. Well, if you remember it; Hideo Kojima is one famous game developer that was let go by Konami. Konami is a Japanese game developer that develops famous titles like Metal Gear Solid, and Pro Evolution Soccer games.

To the horror and shock of the world, the highly rated game developer that developed Silent Hill and was on his way creating the latest iteration of the mentioned title was let go by the huge Japanese developer for some reason. The game looked good too with the released PT (Playable Trailer). It looked properly scary even though players spent so little time with it.

Source: PlayStation

We thought that the let go was the last of Norman Reedus in a game by Hideo Kojima. We thought wrong. A few months after he was let go by Konami, he founded Kojima Productions and released a game trailer starring Guilermo Del Toro and Norman Reedus. The title was not really known at that time too until the full trailer was released and we saw the first glimpse of “Death Stranding”.

It is a PlayStation 4 exclusive game so you do need a console (thank god we do). It is also very highly anticipated especially since they released a new trailer for it. Yes, they did here. This is the first Hideo Kojima game just after he left Konami for goodness sakes, of course we would be excited.

So yes, the game is releasing on the 8th of November, 2019. Pre-orders technically started a few days ago (30th May, 2019). So you can be some of the first people to play the highly anticipated game on the 8th of November, 2019. We do not know what pre-order comes with though.

There has been some teases on gameplay here and there before and we know that the game is coming this year on PlayStaion 4 anyway so the trailer was not all surprising. What was surprising was the amount of high-profile superstars coming in the game. The gameplay and mechanics look awesome too, definitely something we can get into. From the trailer too, the storyline might be a good one.

Whatever the storyline it may be, we are very excited to play it because it is Hideo Kojima. Watch out for our review when we do get our hands on it.

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