[E3 2019] Final Fantasy VII Remake Comes To You in 2020!

[E3 2019] Final Fantasy VII Remake Comes To You in 2020!

Who is a fan of the Final Fantasy series? I am, and which Final Fantasy did I start with? Final Fantasy VIII. Which Final Fantasy is the best for me? I still think that its Final Fantasy VII. True, I played Final Fantasy VII only after I played VIII; but I still preferred VII. To be fair, I have not even touched on XV just yet. Leave me alone, I’m still trying to complete Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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Square Enix has just done their press conference for E3 in Los Angeles. In the press conference, they announced and showcased a bunch of things. Of course, the Final Fantasy VII remake hits center stage again. Only this time, there is a gameplay footage accompanied by a release date. Yes, a release date finally. I am excited.

So the touted release date given by Square Enix is 3rd March, 2020. That is still about 9 months from now. This, to be honest is a very long 9 months for us too. We cannot wait for the title to be out and play it. After all, it is my favourite Final Fantasy game in the series.

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From rumours that has been gathered from the past E3 conferences as well, the release of the Final Fantasy VII remake will be done in sequence instead of one large game release. They were saying that there will be three parts of the game and the releases will be done in parts too. From the way they presented the game, it does look like that will be the case too. That also means that this is only the first part of the Final Fantasy VII remake. How many parts? We cannot confirm that number.

While we are not a big fan of that type of release to Final Fantasy VII remake, we do understand the intent and reasoning behind the partial releases. The game, back in its hey day is one of the biggest games to come out of Square Enix. It took 3 CDs to complete the story game and you would have to change the CDs at certain parts of the game to continue the story.

The graphical requirements at the time were not great either, if you pick up the game on Steam (MYR 29.99) you would know that it is not that big of a game if you consider that each CD contains 700MB of data. Building the open world of Midgar (Final Fantasy VII’s setting) and proper character shading close, or better than the Advent Children movie is a huge task. It will take much more and take up much more storage in the modern world.

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Combat of Final Fantasy VII remake will mimic or improve on the combat mechanics and visuals from Final Fantasy XV. Meaning that there will be no more turn-based sort of fights. It is all real-time, and fast-paced; would we like it? We are excited to try it. With that kind of implementation too, the visuals would take up more work and definitely require plenty of processing power and storage space, again.

Rebuilding the entire game takes a lot of time too, especially when Square Enix might make extra things in the Final Fantasy VII remake game extra interactive. There is a voice element too this time, none of that text box speech anymore. In terms of gameplay then, they say that this will have the same feel of the Final Fantasy XV; not the miniature cartoon-ish characters with round hands and extra pointy solid hair.

Still, we are very excited for the game ever since we saw its first Remake trailer a few E3 conferences ago. This year, we have a release date. We hope that there are no more delays to the release of Final Fantasy VII because we really cannot wait to play the game as soon as it releases worldwide. Until then, we can only pre-order on the Playstation Store on the PlayStation 4. Oh yes, it is another PlayStation 4 Exclusive at this time. Can’t wait.

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