Obamas’ Exclusive From Netflix to Spotiify

Obamas' Exclusive From Netflix to Spotiify

The Obamas’ family name is one of the most influential names to date. Barack was the first African-American president to sit in the White House. He sat there for two terms, just like any good President of the United States (POTUS). He was also very well respected when he was president. Even after his presidency, he is still an outspoken man. That was even notable in Netflix.

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Yes, he appeared on Netflix in David Letterman’s ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’. No, not his own show; not yet anyway. He appeared on his own for a one-on-one interview with David Letterman that was supposedly retired (well, David has a Netflix show). He was David Letterman’s first guest too on the show. If you have not watched the show, do go and get yourself informed. In season 2 David Letterman interviewed people like Kanye West, Melinda Gates, and even Lewis Hamilton.

So David Letterman did an exclusive interview with Barrack Obama. It turns out though that the former president and his family is not yet tired of living in constant attention of the media. The Obamas are having their own show in Spotify soon. Well, when we say show; more like podcasts produced by their own production company, Higher Ground.

Higher Ground was founded by the Obamas in 2018 and partnered up with Netflix first. The whole idea was to bring powerful stories and unrepresented voices and connect them to the world. The magic word here is ‘inspire’.

Now Higher Ground enters into an exclusive partnership with Spotify to do the same in the audio streaming space. The podcasts will feature the two highest profile Obamas obviously. They have no specifics on the sort of topics that would be covered in the podcasts though. We were told that it is ‘wide’. We do not know how wide, but we are excited to hear the upcoming podcasts. For more information on upcoming podcasts or shows on Spotify, do check out their blog.

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