IKEA Sales Is Here! Oh, and Get Your Salted Egg Yolk Fix With Fish and Chips!

IKEA Sales Is Here! Oh, and Get Your Salted Egg Yolk Fix With Fish and Chips!

You know that old table you need to replace? What about that extra clothes that has nowhere to go? You need a new closet. Hey, you need a new display case for your collection too! Sounds like you need to go get new furniture and worry about spending so much on furniture that your wallet will just leave you. Fret not, the IKEA Sales is here!

The IKEA Sales started technically two days ago and we happily made our way there just to get the good stuff (sorry guys). What’s in it for you? You can get selected items from IKEA at 50% off! So if you are one of those that complains; “eh, IKEA not that cheap also!” you don’t have anything to complain now!

50% discount not enough? Then you really have to sign up as an IKEA Family Member to enjoy an additional 10% discount on the selected items too! If you already are an IKEA Family member, then you really have nothing else to complain about. If you are not yet an IKEA Family member, you can sign up for it completely free at any of the self help PC booths in either IKEA Damansara, or IKEA Cheras, Or IKEA Batu Kawan, or even IKEA Tebrau. You can even sign up for it online so now you can’t even complain that it’s very inconvenient for you to get there to sign up.

Not planning to get anything new for the home? Please, there is always new ways to improve your home. As they say; there is always room for improvement. In that sense, why not just drop by IKEA, walk through the gallery and get inspired. You will never know, you might find something you’ve always wanted to get for the home and it is on 50% discount; no more excuses not to get it then. Yes, we are doing this because we have spent quite a little bit in IKEA and want to share that guilt with you, so that we don’t feel so bad.

The IKEA Sales starts 18th July, 2019 and ends on the 4th of August, 2019. It might seem like a long time but we assure you that all the good stuff will run out as quickly as they come! We are not kidding, we experienced this first hand. Oh, did we mention that they also added a new item to their menu? Yes, they now have Salted Egg Yolk Fish & Chips available at the  restaurant!

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