The PKG Watches: Stranger Things 3 – Oh My God, Oh My God It’s Here!

The PKG Watches: Stranger Things 3 - Oh My God, Oh My God It's Here!

Where do we begin with this review? It is one of the most anticipated Netflix Original show to date. Why? Because season 1 and season 2 was so good. No, it wasn’t just good; it was awesome. We loved the show and enjoyed every minute of it.

Here is the thing, when it comes to a series like this we do expect it to start mellowing out at in the 3rd season of it. Usually, nothing is new and audiences kind of know what to expect with the show already. No, it is not to say that it becomes boring. Just that there is nothing super new about it anymore, it is not as fresh. In the case of series like these too, by the time it comes to season 3, new audiences might need to start from the beginning.

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In the case of Stranger Things 3, the latter is still true. For you to appreciate how good the 3rd season is, you really have to follow the series from its 1st season. If not, you would be quite lost. While you might think that you have to now binge, it is not actually that bad. Each season contains up to 11 episodes so binging would be quite brisk. Hey, I finished three seasons of it in two days.

While you need some prior knowledge from the preceding series, Stranger Things 3 is still a very captivating series. It still manages to keep you back in our seat and be curious enough to keep you there looking into every little detail. In that sense, that brand new fresh feeling is there in Stranger Things 3, that is quite magical.

Before we go on with the review, we have to mention that there might be some spoilers here and there. Of course we would like to keep that to a minimum. If you want to completely avoid spoilers before you watch the series, time for you to turn away. If not, strap yourselves and we’ll take you through what made Stranger Things 3 great.

Cinematography of Style, Style, Style

The first thing you have to know with the show is that the entire show is set in 1980s so you would see props and culture that reflects that period. There is no modern communication tool, phones are still those clunking objects you strap to the wall or you have to get a side table for. You are taken into the world where no one has a mobile phone in their pockets and a time where the internet does not exist. The only form media available then was the newspaper.

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While it might not sound like an interesting world back then, the entire Stranger Things series managed to capture what made the 80s cool. They captured the colourful styles of that period in America. The colour palettes screams retro and style. The film was really stylistic and the sets looked fun.

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The story of Stranger Things focuses around a few sets of social group. A group of best friends, their families, and the villains. While that may sound confusing. it really is a character drama that managed to focus on the development of their established friendships and their characters as a whole. There seems to be an addition to the group too in the third installment of Stranger Things. You can expect plenty of close up shots to the character in this film especially during dialogues. The dialogues are also interesting and do give a back story, so you might want to pay attention.

The Story

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If you have watched the previous Stranger Things, you might think that the worst of it is over. The facility has been shut down before this season of Stranger Things started. The super-powered Eleven, if you have not known yet by now, has closed the portal to ‘the other side’.

As we said earlier, the series focuses on a bunch of people. Thanks to the fact that this is not a movie, developing each character is not too difficult. They have also managed to do so with the two previous series and there is not much in terms of new characters here. If you have not watched the previous Stranger Things, you should give it a go before watching this one. You would want to know what happened beforehand. Also, it is just two series before this one, so come on don’t be lazy.

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Once you know the back story to it, you would know what to expect from Stranger Things 3, right? Not really too. Instead of the usual monsters that came from ‘the other side’ you get served with a massively convoluted mess that has some form of connection to ‘the other side’. Well, that is also thanks to some Russians involved. Yes, any good 80s story has to have Russians involved.

We are not going to spoil it for you, so we will not get into details about how the Russians are involved and what the band of friends has to go through in this third installment. We can tell you though that there are several moments when we just go; “oh man, that is messed up,” and “What the heck!?” Yes, ‘riveting’ is the word of the day.

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There are only 8 episodes in this series, like the first and second one in the installment. While that may seem short, the story goes fast enough that you can finish all 8 episodes in a single sitting. That is about 8 hours of sitting, if you will.

While the story is fast paced, you never feel that it is being rushed and there is enough details for you to go with in every episode and fillers. The dialogues are always interesting and easy to follow, if you pay attention. Every dialogue are also quite important tp the story. There will be, of course, some discrepancies in the dialogues because you have to keep in mind that everything is sort of happening at once and everything is happening in a span of about a week. The incidents also happens in separate spaces in that time frame.

Watch? Don’t Watch?

Watch, would be our short answer. There is more than that though. It is the third installment in the series and there is already so much going on from the first two seasons of Stranger Things.

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In that sense, you should watch Stranger Things 3 and follow the adventure of Eleven, and the rest of her friends. You should watch the previous two Stranger Things for context though. You want to know the history behind them, you want to know what happened between all of them. That way also you get a better idea of what is happening in Stranger Things 3, and you would enjoy it even more.

We are not saying that you cannot get hooked on season 3 as a standalone. You can, because everything that is happening is just riveting, there is action in every corner. Not the fighting type action, just plenty of things happening that will pique your interest anyway. That is the thing though, you would still want to watch Season 1 and 2 after that anyway for better overview of what is happening in the franchise.

To conclude, this is one of those shows that you should really have on your watch list. It is not horror, far from it. It is more sci-fi than anything else. Just a very dark and colourful sci-fi. We give it two thumbs up, I think you would enjoy it in the weekends too.

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