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MBO and Me Books Asia Unleash The Superhero in Your Child

MBO and Me Books Asia Unleash The Superhero in Your Child

Remember when your parents keep telling you that “reading is good for you”? It is, they did not lie; no matter how boring you think it is. The smartest people in the world reads books, the most successful people in the world also read a lot of books. Now, as an adult, we know how important it is to read books. What better way to start the habit when you are young? Parents, this is for you.

MBO is really a kid friendly cineplex. They already opened three ‘Kecil’ halls to the public of Klang Valley, one in The Starling Mall, PJ, and two in Atria Shopping Gallery, also PJ. There are more than these three halls across Malaysia though, so it is not exactly new.

So now parents can enjoy the movie while the kids can play around at the playground area at the bottom side of the hall. There are slides there and here, holes to climb in, ladders to step on, and what not. They all look fun to us too, but we are too big for them unfortunately.

What does this have to do with books? Since MBO Cinemas encourages the kids to play in the ‘Kecil’ halls and encourages parents to let their kids explore as much as possible; MBO Cinemas has partnered with Me Books Asia to make a book for the kids. Yes, they are not just into movies.

The title of the storybook is “Unleash the Superhero in You” and aims to inspire and instil good values to our kids. It tells the story of Allison who loves to help people. It tell the story of a young lady that does not need superpowers to become a superhero. While we like watching superhero movies like Avengers, or Batman, or whatever there is out there, we forgot to tell ourselves and our kids that sometimes we, ordinary people, can do extra-ordinary things with the right mindset or attitude.

The collaboration is also in conjunction and celebration of Malaysia’s #MalaysiaMembaca campaign. MBO Cinemas in collaboration with Me Books Asia is also donating more than 1,000 of the storybooks spread across 5 state libraries nationwide. Of course the National Library of Malaysia is included.

“Unleash the Superhero in You” went on sale on the 24th August, 2019. The storybook will set you back MYR 50, a small cost to entertain your kids and instil the love of reading and other important values to them. There is also an available interactive audiobook version available on the Me Books Plus app if you want, voiced by different people in different languages. You can get one for your children in Me Books Nooks at Sunway Citrine Hub, Sunway Iskandar, Johor, or CzipLee Bangsar at Jalan Telawi 3, Kuala Lumpur, or CzipLee Mid Valley Southkey, Johor. It is also available on Me Books Asia online store. To know more about the book you can visit their website too.

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