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LEVEL UP KL is Where Gamers Want to be this November!

LEVEL UP KL is Where Gamers Want to be this November!

Haven’t heard of LEVEL UP KL? Where have you been in the past four years!? Hey. Hey. Hey. Don’t go walking away just because we asked you that. Come learn about the LEVEL UP conference happening this year!

Well, if you haven’t heard about LEVEL UP. Let’s start with that. LEVEL UP KL is a gaming conference which started about 5 years ago. It was first hosted in 2014 by the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and has been a yearly affair since. The conference focuses on the gaming scene in Malaysia and around the Southeast Asian region. It was primarily a place for developers to meet industry big hitters and learn from them.

LEVEL UP KL is Where Gamers Want to be this November!
From L – R: DC Gan, Co-Founder of Magnus Studios, Hasnul Hadi Samsudin, Vice President of Digital Creative Content, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and Shahrizar Roslan, CEO of Kaigan Games at the LEVEL UP KL 2019 Media Briefing

If you picked up on the past tense in the previous paragraph, there’s a reason to it; this year’s LEVEL UP is evolving into something akin to E3 or Gamescom overseas. For the first time in it’s history, LEVEL UP will be having a Gaming Convention which is open to the public called LEVEL UP PLAY. LEVEL UP PLAY will be a place where the everyone will be able see the latest and greatest from some of the region’s biggest names as well as international companies.

We have it on good authority that LEVEL UP PLAY will be where some big announcements will be made by companies such as PlayStation, Marvel, and more. That’s not all, LEVEL UP PLAY will also be where you can experience some of the best from the region’s game studios such as Metronomik (No Straight Roads), Magnus Games (Re:Legend), Passion Republic Games (Giga Bash) and Streamline Studios (Bake n’ Switch)! You could even be working for one of them at the end of the convention!

LEVEL UP Kicks off on 2 November

While LEVEL UP has evolved to include public engagement, the main crux of the conference will still remain intact. It will kick off with the Southeast Asia Game Jam, a hackathon where ambitious developers will have 36 hours to develop a brand new game from scratch! Yep – you read that right. They’ll be developing a brand new game in 36 hours! Together with the kick-off, LEVEL UP will be hosting Masterclass sessions for aspiring developers and developers alike to learn the many skills needed to build a great game.

The main conference will be start on the 6th of November. For three days, there will more information and knowledge shared with the regions game developers and aspiring game developers. In addition, this year, we hear that there will be more announcements during the LEVEL UP KL conference.

If you wanna be part of LEVEL UP, you can get more information at or follow them on their social media linked below.




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